Who we are?


To offer dignified living conditions to people with intellectual disabilities in a state of neglect.


- Consolidate an interdisciplinary, institutional and excellence model of comprehensive care for mental disabilities.
- To be a community that positively influences all who come into relationship with it.
- To make Mexican society aware that people with mental disabilities in a state of abandonment exist, that they have the right to a dignified life and that they are everyone's responsibility.
- Promote the culture of solidarity action in Mexico.


Innovation: We look for new ways to carry out our work.
Life: We promote the health and harmonious development of all.
Community: We work in a spirit of fraternity.
Delivery: We commit the best of who we are to what we do.
Person: We respect human dignity and human rights.

  Strategic objectives

- Emotional and Physical Well-being: To provide care that allows IDPs to achieve physical and emotional well-being.
- Material Welfare and Personal Development: To provide adequate physical conditions and support to IDPs to enable them to develop their autonomy.
-Social Inclusion and Interpersonal Relations: To facilitate the processes that allow IDPs to be recognized as subjects of rights who are listened to, valued and important to society.


Fundación Fraternidad sin Fronteras, I.A.P., is a Private Assistance Institution, with more than 28 years of experience in providing dignified living conditions to people with intellectual disabilities who were abandoned.


We are an institution aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals and that applies the general principles of the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, with a model of care focused on people and aimed at developing their maximum potential to achieve autonomy and independence.


We apply the Human Rights Based Approach in everything we do.

What do we do?

Fundación Fraternidad sin Fronteras, I.A.P. offers dignified living conditions to people with intellectual disabilities who were abandoned. The purpose of the Institution is to contribute to the social inclusion of people with intellectual disabilities through the exercise of their rights, so that they may fully develop their competences through an adequate integral development.

We currently serve 69 people of all ages and genders, children, adolescents, adults and seniors of all ages and from all states of Mexico. These people are channeled by the corresponding authorities, such as DIF and the Attorney General's Office (FGR).

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Thanks to all those who have trusted in our mission, which commits us to continue working with professionalism on behalf of 69 abandoned people with intellectual disabilities.

Our address

Av. Canal Nacional No. 1057

Villa Quietud Col.

Coyoacán City Hall

C.P. 04960 CDMX

Tel.: (55) 5603 7978 • 2652 0157

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